The Power of a Sound

On this page was previously an article released that discussed the question if games are art. Although this question remains still unanswered within the society and branch, it is unquestioned that music is defined as art and culture. Music is together with painting one of the oldest ways of humans to express themselves Continue reading


A step back or Aga

The years 2015 and 2016 have been tremendous years for video games. The industry grows, more and more development studios are opened, the selling numbers are rising again and several AAA video games have been released. To name some examples, Fallout 4, Mafia 3, Witcher 3, FIFA 17, Battlefield 1. And although all of these titles have led to a profit for their developer studio and the publisher I was personally very disappointed by most of them. Although the games were designed often with a certain love to small details, had interesting stories and the graphic has increased in comparison to their former parts I have been still disappointed by them in regards to a special dimension Continue reading

Gothic- Good story gone bad

Germany is not well known for a country with a strong game design, indeed Germany is in comparison to Poland, France, Great Britain, USA and Japan actually weak. Not many strong video games were developed and released mainly in Germany. Important titles were the Settlers, Anno 1602, Far Cry, Crysis, Spec Ops, Deponia and many browser games and especially indie games dominate the video game field in Germany. But one important name is missing: Risen.
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A selfish ignorant world

One of the bestselling games of the last year was the newest creation of a game series that goes back to 1988. The scenario is settled in a post-apocalyptic world in which the deadly environment tries without stopping to kill the player. This scenario is mixed with evil antagonists and many small stories not just embedded in a larger main story, but in a unique and creative world. Although Fallout 4 was ready to become one of the best games so far, many fans of the first hours were rather disappointed than amazed. Too thin seemed the story, too many bugs and technical problems were disturbing the joy of the player, too many repeating quests, a new character design which gives the player the possibility to learn everything and the concentration on mass shooting was the origin of criticism. In a nutshell was the main critic point the breach to the former parts. Continue reading