Osten gegen Westen gegen Norden gegen Süden im Zentrum

Zunächst soll hier ein kurzes Experiment durchgeführt werden. Was ist an folgenden Aussagen auffallend? Denn immer wieder wird in großen Zeitungen und Medien folgende Formulierung Continue reading


The reasons for this blog

I was long thinking whether to start an own blog or not. As you can see now, the decision is made. Not because I am bored, but because I’m eager to start a new project and keep it for a longer time. I’m not sure yet about all the section which I will start and continue. It will be definitely about my travels in Eastern Europe, Germany and in the Baltics. Planned section will be also about politics, my thoughts on society, development and also there will be maybe a small section talking about video games in which I will try to discuss some retro games and also some old classics. So I think it will be mostly boring and uninteresting stuff that matters actually just for me. And anyways I often wondered why people started to share that much in social networks, or comment on news in newspaper forums. Do they think someone cares about their opinion? Exactly that’s also a reason for me to start this, as I hope to find answers on this way for my own. As a language I’ll use mostly English and German as they are my strongest languages. But I’m sure that I’ll give my best to let Russian and French follow (as soon as I mastered these languages). That is not a promise but a strong hope that I’ll have mostly in my own hands.

The difference of this Blog

To come back to the original topic of this entry, there are several reasons why I am starting this blog. One is to start and keep a longer project running. Such a project will require time, passion and patience and I want to find out if I bring exactly these abilities. The biggest difference to the most projects I had to do for school, internships, university and personal life had always something I would call a limited “lifetime”. These projects had mostly a finishing date when it was due or was forcefully brought to an end. This blog doesn’t have such an expiring day – and that will be definitely a challenge for me.

Hopes for the Blog

Another reason is to use energy and time in a useful way; as such a blog can help to use and collect thoughts that I have on different topics. And of course I hope to avoid the “danger” of becoming unpassionate. To explain that motivation I would have to write more and most likely one of my first entries will be exactly about this topic – The danger of becoming cold and unpassionate – but at this point I’ll have to stop talking about this as I would like to offer this topic an own article. The last reason for this blog is my hope to enhance my language skills and my writing skills in German, English (and one day hopefully Russian and French). But it will be a long and stony road on which I’ll often have to motivate myself. Let’s see how it will work out!