One Past, Two Histories, How Many Futures?

One past, two histories, how many futures?

The May 2017 was in Latvia surely a festival month as two huge events were celebrated in the beginning of the month. While both of these festivals were highly connected, they could not have been more different. Continue reading


The making of… Lithuania

This post will start a series of posts, focusing on the history of states with a communist or soviet past.  The goal is to give a brief summary of the history and at the same time to focus on important aspects that have shaped the identity of the state and the society nowadays. The words for this brief summary should not exceed 1500 words.


Unlike the other two Baltic countries Lithuania has a feudal history that is tied to the medieval western Europe. Especially the close neighbour ship with Poland was used by Lithuanian nobles Continue reading

A step back or Aga

The years 2015 and 2016 have been tremendous years for video games. The industry grows, more and more development studios are opened, the selling numbers are rising again and several AAA video games have been released. To name some examples, Fallout 4, Mafia 3, Witcher 3, FIFA 17, Battlefield 1. And although all of these titles have led to a profit for their developer studio and the publisher I was personally very disappointed by most of them. Although the games were designed often with a certain love to small details, had interesting stories and the graphic has increased in comparison to their former parts I have been still disappointed by them in regards to a special dimension Continue reading

The unexpected inclusiveness

One of the promises of democracy is (among others of course) to grant everyone the same possibilities, rights and chances to pursuit to happiness and a fulfilled life. Unfortunately, the reality tells another story. Race, gender, sexual orientation and ethnic background function in some society and country like rocks in the road. But there is another issue, that is often forgotten and ignored: Disability. Discrimination due to disability is not necessary connected to targeted discrimination, but rather to mobile discrimination, institutional discrimination or in general: Discrimination because of lack of acknowledging the special needs.
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