The Power of a Sound

On this page was previously an article released that discussed the question if games are art. Although this question remains still unanswered within the society and branch, it is unquestioned that music is defined as art and culture. Music is together with painting one of the oldest ways of humans to express themselves Continue reading


Wake up Baltic countries

The following article is a second part about the Singing Revolution in the Baltics. To read the first part please click here.


When Lithuania declared its independence in March 1990 the Soviet Union imposed several economy blockades, cut the energy supply to the country and spread false propaganda to encourage Polish, Russian and Ukrainian workers to protest against the new government. Continue reading

No Alternatives To Optimism

The small state Montenegro (=the black mountain) in the middle of the Balkan has a long history of changing governments and changing states. Unlike the Kosovo, Montenegro was able to leave the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro and was fast accepted by the majority of the UN-member states and even by Serbia. As Montenegro had a long historical and ethnical connection with Serbia, it’s not a big surprise that the population is mainly divided between Montenegrins (45%), Serbs (28,7%), Bosniaks (8,6%) and Albanians (4,9%). Although the only official language is Continue reading

The Minority Danger

Europe as one of the smallest continents has due to a complicated history of dynasties and different evolved ethnicities many different countries. Especially the First World War shaped Europe and added more countries to the map. Huge realms like the German Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire collapsed, broke or were divided. Between Germany and Russia several cultures, peoples and societies felt their chance Continue reading